Parks & Recreation
Our natural environment is a natural extension of your home.
When complete, Copperleaf will be home to more 100 acres of parks and open space and miles of trails. Reflecting the community’s careful planning and thoughtful attention to detail, these natural resources offer an endless array of recreational opportunities, natural oases and outdoor adventures. Just outside your door, in fact, you’ll find easy access to a wide range of unique neighborhood parks that will continue to take shape as Copperleaf continues to grow. These "tree-themed" destinations combine natural and manmade features that residents of all ages can enjoy. Here's a closer look at the variety of community parks and natural areas you'll be able to explore throughout Copperleaf's many unique and inviting neighborhoods:

The Arboretum Pool & Clubhouse

Situated on more than four acres within the Aspen Neighborhood, the Arboretum Pool & Clubhouse is an ideal gathering place for residents throughout the community—complete with a lap pool, Splash Garden, Sports Court and inviting landscaped grounds featuring a rich assortment of trees and greenery. Another highlight is the Arboretum Clubhouse, which combines Colorado comfort with functional and exquisite design details, including a centerpiece indoor/outdoor fireplace crafted with rich stone detail. Ideal for entertaining friends and family for birthday parties, anniversaries and other special events, the Clubhouse can be reserved by residents year-round for special celebrations, meetings and get togethers.

Geology Park

Located in the Hawthorn Neighborhood, Geology Park offers a great destination for residents and visitors to enjoy year-round. The park incorporates all types of rocks —igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic—into each element of the park, from its walkways and benches to its kid-friendly play features, including a geology-inspired playground with climbing rock. This is just one of many parks in Aurora that you can explore.

Presidential Park

You’ll be amazed how much fun history can be in the Cherry Neighborhood’s Presidential Park. A stroll along the path with guide you through presidential plaques and a themed tots playground will create a fun and interactive environment for kids to learn and play.

Prehistoric Park

Step back in time with a stroll through Linden Neighborhood’s Prehistoric Park, which includes dinosaur climbers, featured dinosaur fossils and fun, themed playground for kids. Yet another Aurora park that will have the kids laughing.

Western Park

You’ll be able to enjoy a taste of the “wild west” in the Ponderosa Neighborhood’s family-friendly Western Park, which will include ample Ponderosa pines, “wild west” plantings, a playground and a western shelter. The Western Park also boasts one of our largest maintained fields and hosts the Copperleaf Summer Jam as well as many other festive events at Copperleaf.

Copperleaf Neighborhood Park

Located within the Arapahoe Park and Recreation District, the proposed Copperleaf Neighborhood Park will offer a wide range of activities for kids to enjoy, including playing fields and numerous trailheads. It will also provide convenient access to the Copperleaf Trail System, a family-friendly natural system of more than 10 miles of trails – to be developed in its entirety by the Arapahoe Parks and Recreation District.

Ecological Park (Wetland Preserve)

In this new park, you can stroll along the wetland’s edge and enjoy native wildlife while kids play on the latest pieces of community art to be installed by Copperleaf throughout the community. Meet Pokey the Tortoise, Freddy the Frog, Lulu the Ladybug and Arthur the Ant. Additional pieces are planned for the community with more to come as Copperleaf grows.

Copperleaf Bark Park

This planned Bark Park will provide a perfect canine oasis for your furry friends to romp and fetch off-leash. Full of natural beauty, this park-like environment is certain to be popular with all Copperleaf dogs and their families.

Copperleaf Trail System

This much-anticipated, pedestrian-friendly feature at Copperleaf is just in the initial planning stages. The development of this planned trail system will interconnect to the Arapahoe County Trail System creating a continual path will lead to schools, parks, open spaces, and even the Arapahoe County Fairground, the Town of Park and Cherry Creek State Park without having to cross a roadway without a cross walk . This will not only add additional walking trails through Copperleaf, but it will also create an opportunity for safer walking, running, biking and a whole host of other family friendly activities right outside resident doorways. These trails are made possible thanks to an Arapahoe County Open Space Grant that was awarded to us in late 2016.

Nearby Recreational Resources

Located within the Arapahoe Park and Recreation District, Copperleaf offers lots of ways to enjoy the great outdoors, from year-round swimming pool access to more than nine miles of local trails that wind through our neighborhoods. You also can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities at The Trails Recreation Center and at the nearby Cherry Creek Reservoir and the Aurora Reservoir. And for those who enjoy a little friendly competition, the Wembly Horse and Greyhound races at Arapahoe Park are sure to please. Throughout its live season, you can cheer on your favorites from track-side bleachers or benches or from the relaxing, climate-controlled grandstand or clubhouse.