Copperleaf Excited To Move Forward With Trail System Planning Thanks To Funding From Arapahoe County

Copperleaf Metro District #2 is proud to have been awarded a grant from Arapahoe County in November 2016. The Arapahoe County Open Space Grant program will allow Copperleaf Community to begin the engineering of their pedestrian-friendly, community-wide trail system. Following a grant application and review process, Copperleaf Metro District #2 was awarded funding by Arapahoe County Open Space OFTAB  review board which will allow Copperleaf to begin the process of designing and building a paved trail system throughout the community.  This trail system will benefit Copperleaf greatly by providing a more pedestrian-friendly amenity in which residents can enjoy walking or riding to parks and the newly opened Mountain Vista Elementary School without have to cross any streets.  The trail system through Copperleaf is anticipated to extend from Copperleaf Boulevard all the way north of Radcliff and will include pedestrian bridges and access to a variety of community amenities.  In addition, the development of these trails will bring a huge benefit not only to Copperleaf, but all county residents as this trail design will connect to the entire Arapahoe County Master Trail System allowing for fantastic connectivity for Arapahoe County residents.  The new trail system will allow users to connect to local schools and parks as well as other trails that lead to further destinations including the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds and the City of Parker.

All of this is thanks to Arapahoe County sales and usage tax – a tax paid by all residents within Arapahoe County and unincorporated Arapahoe County.  Part of these tax dollars go to Arapahoe County Open Space which awards grant money to those seeking to improve the outdoor and recreational amenities offered within the County.    Copperleaf is doing just that.  The new trail system within Copperleaf will extend and connect to an elaborate regional trail system which extends to the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds, the city of Parker and other popular walking and riding destinations for trail users.

Now that the grant has been awarded, Copperleaf Metro District #2 anticipated that he planning process will take approximately six to eight months to compete. Additional grants will be needed to help fund the construction of the trails. Copperleaf community is excited to see the beginnings of yet another family-friendly amenity to their neighborhoods and the overall surrounding communities.  Arapahoe County sales and use tax dollars are to thank for that.