What to Include in Your Summer Swim Bag

The sun’s shining and you know what that means; Let the chorus begin! ”I’m bored. Can we go to the pool? Let’s go swimming! I want to play outside!”


Before you and the kids slip into swimsuits and head to The Arboretum for an afternoon of making memories in the sun, pack a summer swim bag filled with the essentials. And yes, you’ll need more than sunscreen!

What to Put in Your Summer Swim Bag

These warm weather must-haves cover all the bases: snacks, activities and pool supplies.

Clothing and Hats

Plan to wear your swimsuits to the pool under your clothes, or pack swimwear and change once you arrive. And, remember the hats! During the day, keep the sun off delicate facial skin with cute ball caps or baby bonnets when the little ones are relaxing at the edge of the pool. You’ll also want to pack clothes to change into after the swim, so the walk or ride home is dry and comfortable.

Skin Care Items

In addition to waterproof sunscreen made for specifically children and adults, consider packing lip balm to moisturize parched lips and soothing lotion to apply before heading home. Do you or one of the kiddos tend to get too much sun? Tuck a cooling after-sun aloe-based gel in your bag too.

Non-Perishable Snacks

If you plan to be at the pool for hours, have a few quick eats ready to hand out to kids between activities. Packets of raisins, dry cereal, fruit cups, and nuts don’t need to be refrigerated and keep everyone fueled for more play. When it comes to drinks, freeze bottled water and juice. The containers conveniently thaw into refreshing beverages as they sit in the sun.

Pool Supplies

Don’t forget the goggles, swim vests, floating rings and toys! We love to pack something that squirts, something that floats and something that sinks to the bottom for kids who want to play retrieval games. Once you’re in the water, host a cheery pool noodle race or teach the kids a few classic pool games like Marco Polo.

Land Activities

During pool safety checks or while finishing a snack, it’s a good idea to have some summer activities available to play on land (that can get a little wet too). Bring along a plastic-coated card game like Go Fish or Uno that a few kids can play. A jump rope or hula hoop can be fun for solo kids. And for you, how about a sizzling summer novel or crossword puzzle?

Shower Supplies

Miniature bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash work for a quick clean-up at the start and end of your swim-day adventure. We love including colorful foaming soap and fluffy loofah sponges to encourage the kids to scrub, scrub, scrub away lingering chlorine, perspiration, and sunscreen. Pack a few dry towels too!


Once you have your summer swim bag essentials ready for the season, Copperleaf residents can make a regular visit to The Arboretum a part of their summer routine. This year the Copperleaf swimming pool is open starting Saturday, May 26th through Labor Day weekend for all residents to enjoy. 


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