Building a Summer Bucket List


Summer will be here before you know it; so we’re working on our summer bucket list of activities to fill those long, warm evenings, days and weekends ahead. You should be, too!


Whether you hope to spend the bulk of your days exploring our beautiful area parks or want to get crafty in your own kitchen, this summer activity bucket list will give you a jump start on thinking ahead to sunny days with the kids.

Display Your Plans

Nothing makes a great getaway or exciting activity more real than seeing it each day on a creative list or calendar. We love the idea of using colorful markers or crayons to write out a long, scrolling list of ideas on construction paper to proudly display on the wall. Or, doodle on the days of a special wall calendar made from pictures of past summer moments.


Grab the scissors and tape. You can make a vision board! Cut pictures from magazines that show the activities you want to do and show off the collage proudly in your home.


Is your kid a bookworm? Create a summer journal with one activity listed on each page. Later they can fill in their reflections or create sketches about the activities.  

Kids Summer Bucket List

Here’s our list! We’re ready to slip into a swimsuit, get crafty, test out our baking skills and so much more. Which of these activities do you plan to do?


  • Get wet. Set up a water sprinkler in the yard and run through it with the neighbor kids.
  • Grow something. Plant a garden of fresh herbs or flowers.
  • Go Hiking. Explore the trails and nature programs at The Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Play ball. Start a summer basketball, football or tennis club with the neighborhood kids.
  • Read more. Find a new book series to dive into on rainy summer days.
  • Bake cookies. Try a new recipe from Pinterest or a favorite website. We love these no-bake cookie recipes that kids can easily prepare.
  • Touch rocks. Explore the climbing rock at Geology Park in the Hawthorn Neighborhood.
  • Ride high. Brave the Ferris wheel and roller coasters at Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park in the heart of downtown Denver.
  • Capture photos. Go on a photo safari to document the blooming flowers and towering trees in your community.
  • Watch movies. Host a friend’s afternoon at your home and show a double feature.
  • Splash more. Head to the Arboretum Pool & Clubhouse to practice diving for water toys on the bottom of the pool.
  • Make something. Browse this list of craft ideas and tackle at least two this summer!
  • Get artsy. Use colored chalk to draw a huge mural on your sidewalk or driveway.
  • Touch dinosaurs. Visit Linden Neighborhood’s Prehistoric Park for a playdate.


Summer at Copperleaf Community is never boring! Be on the lookout for details about Copperleaf Summer Jam 2018 and other community-wide events coming up in the next few months. Contact us today for more details or be sure to check in with Copperleaf HOA to see all the fun things on the schedule for residents this summer!