Quincy Avenue Expansion Update – Fall 2017

Not has there been a lot of development activity within Copperleaf this year, but there are also many roads and interchanges being revamped to accommodate growth and expansion in the area.  One of these projects has been very active in the last year, the expansion of Quincy Avenue.  Reports from Arapahoe County indicate that E-470 intends to complete construction of their expansion project by December of 2017.  Upon completion, E-470 will be three lanes in each direction with a regional trail system constructed on the west/ north side of the highway.

The final design phase for the Quincy/Gun Club Road intersection is also under development.  Plans will be submitted for review to the City and County this summer. CDOT is in the process of reviewing the Right of Way plans and once CDOT has completed their review the next stages begin.   These include installation and relocation of utilities and power lines, final environmental clearance and more.

A number of funding agreements still need to be formalized before construction can begin.  We hope to see construction begin in the Winter of 2018.

There has also been some community concern raised regarding the challenge of northbound access from the E-470 exit ramp onto Quincy Avenue.  There have been discussions between E-470 and Aurora regarding the possible installation of a signal at this location.  If all entities can come to agreement regarding funding and maintenance of the signal, the County will proceed with installation as part of the Quincy/ Gun Club project.  At this time, a decision on this new signal light has not yet been finalized.

A plan layout for the intersection can be viewed at  http://www.arapahoegov.com/index.aspx?NID=1570.