Fun Lunchbox Note Ideas to Spice Up the School Day

Most parents wish there was a way to give their kids a bit of a boost while they’re in school. You do all you can morning and night, but during the school day, your kids are on their own.
Even though you can’t be in the classroom with them to support them, there is an easy way to encourage them and make them feel loved throughout the school day – notes in their lunch!
Sharing a short message with your encouragement and love is bound to boost your child’s spirits during even the toughest days. Handmade notes are best because they come straight from the heart.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Fun Lunchbox Note Ideas

Notes for Young Kids

  • A simple heart drawn on paper with a message from Mom and Dad.  A tried-and-true classic.
  • A silly poem sure to make them smile.  Rhyme away.
  • Origami with a message inside.  A tad crafty but undeniably fun.
  • A corny riddle or joke they can share with classmates.
  • A cotton ball taped to a note that reads: “Being your mom/dad puts me on cloud 9.”
  • An exciting tease to that day’s special after-school activity, like a small bag of popcorn to remind them about seeing that new movie.
  • A secret love note on your child’s banana.  Etch the skin with a toothpick. The message will reveal itself later as the fruit starts to brown.
  • Puns, puns, puns.  In their bag of almonds, add a small note saying “Go nuts!”

Other kid-tested messages range from “You are soooo amazing!” and “You rock!” to “Have lots of fun today!” and “Can’t wait to hear about your day!”

Notes for Older Kids

For junior high kids dealing with peer pressure and bullying issues, occasional notes can be aimed at boosting self-esteem.  Try messages like these: “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” or “Keep your chin up!” and “Don’t worry, be happy.”

Notes for Your Spouse

Don’t forget your hard-working spouse.  Give them a little reminder of your love with an expression of your love or a cheesy pick-up line that’s bound to draw a laugh.
Slide the note into his wallet or her purse.  Or stick it on the steering wheel of their car.  Don’t be surprised if the messages become instant keepsakes!
If you’re not very crafty or suffer from writer’s block, don’t worry!  There are plenty of pre-made artsy lunchbox note assortments available online. If you don’t mind printing and cutting, you can also get excellent notes for free from a long list of kid-friendly websites, including
These notes should help to make your child’s year at the Cherry Creek Schools amazing. Each day after the bell rings, explore the parks, trails, and wetlands at Copperleaf Community.