The 6 Types of Neighbors You’ll Come Across

When you move to a new neighborhood, getting to know your neighbors is one of the most exciting parts of exploring your new home. From the fun couple next door that throws bi-weekly barbeques to your kids’ new best friends across the street, there is a whole new cast of characters waiting for you in your new neighborhood.


While you’re going to find some great friends, every neighborhood comes with more unique personalities. Below are some of the more eccentric types you may encounter while learning more about your new neighbors:

Mr. Fix It

He’s the neighbor who never seems to take it easy.  He’s always running from one house to another with a toolbox, making repairs or dispensing advice.  He’s a proud do-it-yourselfer on a first-name basis at Home Depot who doesn’t mind helping others – whether they want it or not!

The Cat Lady

It all started when she rescued a plump tuxedo cat named Mr. Whiskers. Then Fluffy and Spotsy needed adoption. Now she’s up to eight felines of assorted ages and colors that follow her around, even when she ducks outside to grab the mail. If you have a moment to chat, she’ll smile, pick some fur off her robe, and apologize for Mittens using your lawn as an outdoor litter box. At least her furry friends help to keep the neighborhood free of insects!

The Lawn Whisperer

You know that house with the perfect emerald lawn that looks like it belongs on the pages of Better Homes and Gardens? That’s the home of The Lawn Whisperer! You’ll see him out there every day, tinkering with his watering zones, applying custom blends of fertilizer, perfecting his mowing, trimming and edging techniques, and whispering encouragement to young blades of Kentucky bluegrass.  Moths and dandelions are his sworn enemies but, like any true superhero, he’s prepared for battle.

The Generous Gardeners

Theirs is no humble backyard vegetable patch.  This green-thumbed power couple produces a staggering volume of produce every year, and they’re always looking for ways to give away the excess. They can and jar some of the bounty, take more to the food bank, but those zucchinis, tomatoes, potatoes, and snow peas keep coming like a nutritious avalanche. Expect them to show up at your door clutching a basket of veggies with a look of desperation on their faces.

Sunbathing Granny

She’s a feisty 90-something who’s reached the point in life where she considers her doctor’s cautionary advice strictly optional.  She’ll have a second glass of wine if she wants to, or watch TV at midnight if the mood strikes. You’ll likely see her sunbathing on summer afternoons, turning her front porch into her private beach. Tell her the heart-shaped sunglasses and floppy hat look great!

The Hostess

She’s always hosting one event or another.  Kids’ birthday parties, book club meetings, game nights, various televised sporting events, wedding receptions for third cousins – they are all part of the gig. You’ll see her hustling from the minivan to the front door, laden with platters of cupcakes and croissant sandwiches. She’ll be out of breath, but when she spots you, she’ll give you a wave and invite you to her next themed event.


While we can’t promise that you’ll encounter all of these interesting characters in the Copperleaf Community, you’re sure to find some new friends and great neighbors! Learn more about what life at Copperleaf has in store for you.