11 Ideas for a Labor Day Weekend Staycation

Skip the long lines at the airports and stress-inducing car rides across state lines. Instead, keep Labor Day weekend simple this year and plan a staycation! You can now focus your time on all those restaurants and attractions you’ve wanted to explore in your own community and catch up on family time. Check out our list of staycation ideas for Labor Day weekend!

1. Have a pool party

Invite the neighbors, friends and family for a day of fun in the sun at your local area pool. Fire up the grill and ask everyone to bring a dish to create a true community potluck.

2. Be a hometown tourist

Visit the Denver Capitol, head out to a Colorado Rockies baseball game, or learn more about your hometown at  historical sites like the Molly Brown House. Be sure to take a camera to grab selfies and check-ins on Facebook to show off your staycation.

3. Go to a day spa or wellness center

Indulge in pure self-care with a massage, facial, pedicure, Reiki session or even an hour of Yin yoga for the ultimate in relaxation. Need a less expensive option? Grab a few supplies from your local drugstore and create your own oasis right at home!

4. Tour a winery

Head to the edge of town or as far as Grand Junction for a leisurely stroll through a vineyard. Take your time and enjoy a glass of wine while you learn a little more about your favorite libation. Cheers!

5. Dig into an old hobby

Dust off that piano, unpack your paint brushes or open that camera bag. Use the Labor Day weekend to brush up on an activity that brings you joy. If no ideas come to mind, start a new hobby.

6. Try that restaurant

If there’s a hot new eatery on your wish list, now is the time to finally make it a date night destination. Get dressed up, leave your phone at home and just enjoy the evening with your spouse or family.

7. Go on a hike

Check with the nearby state parks for guided tours and strap on your hiking boots. This family-friendly activity is sure to create lots of memories. But remember that you aren’t the only ones making good use of your long weekend. Plan to arrive early to avoid the crowds.

8. Enroll in a class

Grab some friends and try yoga at the community center or painting pottery at a local art studio. Trying something new will not only keep you entertained, but it might also introduce you to a new hobby!

9. Stay at a hotel

Pick out an area hotel for a fantastic mini getaway relaxing and exciting. Think of hotels that that offer something fun and new like:

Not only will everyone have a great  time, you won’t have to worry about making the beds, cooking meals or doing any laundry. That’s a definite win-win scenario.

10. Plan a movie marathon

Whether you go to the theater or stay home, plan for a double feature or triple treat, complete with mountains of hot buttered popcorn. Rent something new or watch an old favorite – there are no rules when it comes to movie fun!

11. Be challenged

Finally, get out of your comfort zone and experience something that might make you a little nervous. How about a guided horseback riding tour in the mountains? Or, trying sushi? The sky’s the limit.

Holiday weekends are a time to reconnect with your loved ones, enjoy downtime and try something new! Either way, Copperleaf Community wishes you and your family have a safe, memorable Labor Day weekend!