Copperleaf Bark Park Update – Fall 2017

The Copperleaf Bark Park is one of the most anticipated amenities in Copperleaf Community. Although a location has already been chosen for this canine-friendly feature, additional planning is still in development. Located in the northwest quadrant of Copperleaf, adjacent to the proposed Copperleaf Community Park near Picadilly Street and Radcliff Parkway, the Bark Park is planning to offer some great canine amenities in addition to the off-leash area. The development of the Bark Park will coincide with the development of the infrastructure of Radcliff Parkway as it continues west of Picadilly. Until additional builders and partners are secured, timing on the continuation of Radcliff and the Bark Park is yet to be determined. Rest assured, we will keep you posted as we get closer to an opening date.