How to Pick the Best Community for Your Growing Family

The Denver area is packed with new homes ready for new families, and your aim is to find one situated in the best community that meets all your family’s needs. To ensure a community is the top pick for you and your crew, you can rate each community based on its three most important aspects for a growing family: education, activities and safety.

Seek out Stellar Schools

A solid education sets the foundation for your child’s entire life, and the Denver area has a lineup of notable schools. The Cherry Creek School District tops the list, with highly qualified teachers and students that consistently score above both state and national averages on standardized tests. Enrollment stands at more than 54,000 students, with schools that range from K through high school and include alternative, magnet and charter schools.

In addition to high-ranking academics, the Cherry Creek School District is known for its wide array of athletics, arts and activities that provide a well-rounded student experience. If your targeted community has a Cherry Creek School District school or two in the vicinity, you’ve already hit the bull’s eye.

Aim for Loads of Activities

Kids need things to do outside of school, and picking a community with plenty of activity opportunities will ensure they stay busy and entertained. Parks are prime places for biking, roller skating and otherwise having fun, while nature trails and other hiking opportunities add another layer of excitement to the mix.

nearby community center is another plus, especially if it offers a community arts program or other social activities that combine learning with making new friends. The community itself may have a social center, club house, neighborhood pool and active homeowner’s association that works to bring the community together.

If a four-legged pal is part of your family, look for off-leash dog parks and open spaces where your entire family can romp and play.

Rank Safety as Top Priority

Safety is always a top priority, with the best communities boasting low crime rates as well as other features that help protect its residents. Sidewalks are a must for safely walking throughout the community, and a neighborhood gets extra points if the master plan features an interconnected layout that makes it easy to travel between popular destinations.

A community with roads that make it quick and easy for emergency vehicles to respond to a crisis situation should also be on your checklist. In addition, close proximity to a fire station, police station and hospital will cut down on response time in the event of fire, accident or sudden illness.

Choose a Neighborhood with Growth Potential

Rather than choosing a home in the “hot” neighborhood of the moment, think long term and select a neighborhood in an up-and-coming area that is still growing. Choosing a home in an unincorporated area can often offer lower taxes and larger homes at a lower cost, allowing you to allocate your finances toward things your family will need as the years go by.

Like Minded Neighbors

A welcoming vibe is another bonus, as are residents that look out for each other. And you’ll know you’ve found great community to raise your family if it’s stocked with other growing families that may start out as neighbors and end up as lifelong friends.