4 Ways Your Pet Can Make You Healthier

You know you can’t hold back a smile when greeted with a wagging tail at the door or gentle purrs during couch cuddle time. Pets are more than good company, they’re good for your health, too.

We turned to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Harvard Health to learn more specifically how pets can make you healthier, and the benefits are sure put a pep in our step. Grab your furry, scaled, or feathered friend and browse this list of pet-ownership perks!

Pets keep your heart healthy

You have fewer heart disease risk factors and will enjoy a longer life if you have a dog by your side. We think those long walks through the park or games of tug-o-war in the backyard have something do with this fact! Pets keep you active, and that’s good for your heart.

Pets reduce loneliness

They’re always ready to listen, can help mitigate the stress of living alone and feelings of depression. Pets need daily care, from feeding to grooming, which creates purpose for those who are home all day or have few responsibilities in their lives.

Pets influence blood pressure and cholesterol levels

All that love you give and receive with a pet naturally calms the body and creates a positive mood, which can lead to a natural decrease in blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol.

Pets promote socialization

Making a trip to the dog park or walking around the neighborhood encourages you to meet people, enjoy nature, and strike up conversations, which help keep you mentally sharp and active in the community.


As a bonus, pets also help kids learn about responsibility and the importance of a routine. Children age 6 and older can easily help feed the pet, take them outside for potty breaks (with supervision), brush their fur, clean their cage or fill their water bowl/bottle. Having a pet also makes families closer, since they bond over a shared love for the animal and his daily care.


Are you thinking about adding a pet to your family? Consider adopting a homeless pet from the Denver Animal Shelter, Dumb Friends League, Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue or My Fairy Dawg Mother. These local organizations can help you find the perfect cat, dog, bunny, bird, reptile, or other lovable critter that will seamlessly mix with your family structure, daily schedule, and available space.


We hope to see you and your pet playing at our local dog park, cruising the sidewalks, or relaxing on the front porch of your home in your Copperleaf Community neighborhood.