Natural Homemade Cleaners for Your Home and Family

You love making healthy choices for your family. You cook with organic ingredients whenever possible, advocate for family bike rides to stay in shape and put an emphasis on bonding time each weekend. So, it just makes sense to approach your house cleaning with a natural, healthy mindset too.

Using homemade cleaning products is a great way to know exactly what you’re exposing everyone to each day – including the family pets.

Benefits of Natural Cleaning Solutions

Mixing up a batch of your own household all-purpose cleaner with a few key ingredients is a great way to go green. By using a mixture of natural, plant-based ingredients, you can ensure your cleaners are non-toxic and won’t cause respiratory issues for those with chemical sensitivities. Plus, you won’t be rinsing harsh chemicals down the drains and into your water supply.

As an added bonus, making your own natural homemade cleaners will save on your shopping budget. You can mix a big batch of cleanser for a fraction of the cost of buying separate glass, surface, floor and bathroom cleaning products.

Making Your Own Natural Homemade Cleaner

So, let’s get mixing! You’ll want an empty spray bottle, a funnel and a permanent marker handy. First, label the bottle, so everyone in the household knows what’s inside. “Natural Cleaner” should do just fine.

Then, use a funnel to pour white vinegar into the bottle. Fill it halfway. Then, top off the bottle with cold water. This diluted vinegar solution is a natural disinfectant that can sanitize most surfaces in your home, including countertops, toilets, tubs, showers, floors, mirrors and glass. However, hold off on using this cleaner on any unsealed natural stone, such as marble or granite, as the acid in the vinegar can cause etching.

Boosting Your Cleaning products

Now, let’s amp up your cleaner with some natural fragrance. Stuff a few chopped lemon or orange peels to the bottle so their oils can naturally infuse with your cleaner. Or, add a few drops of tea tree oil to the bottle of cleanser for a bold fragrance and even more germ-killing power. You can also try a blend of citrus essential oils. They can help reduce bacteria (that can cause odors in the garbage can, kitchen sink and toilet) and add a vibrant scent to your home. Want a more relaxing fragrance? Go with lavender. It’s perfect for bedrooms and nurseries!

If you’ve never worked with a vinegar-based cleaner before, you’ll notice a strong scent at first. That goes away as soon as the cleaner dries or is wiped away. Then, just the scent of the essential oils remains, leaving your home smelling extra fresh.

Keeping your family safe from harmful chemicals exposure is simple by mixing up this all-purpose cleanser. In no time you’ll be customizing your own scents and finding that housework is much more enjoyable without the strong fumes of most commercial cleansers. Happy cleaning!