Matching Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Despite what some may say, Halloween isn’t just for kids. You know you’re itching to put together a creative outfit and enjoy a playful night with the family. This year, why not plan matching family Halloween costumes? It’s a great way to bond with the kiddos and unapologetically splurge on sweet treats.

If your brain feels like mushy monster guts and you’re drawing a blank on family Halloween costume ideas, we’ve been doing some brainstorming. Here are our top six family Halloween costumes to consider for your clan!

1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

If you have a large family, get everyone involved. The beautiful Snow White and her handsome prince can meander through the Copperleaf neighborhoods showing off their storybook theme. Top off each child’s costume with a pointy dwarf hat and name tag!

2. 101 Dalmatians

Are the kids obsessed with dogs? Turn yourself into Cruella de Vil and help the rest of the family become lovable spotted dalmatians. The kids can use their best acting skills to playfully dig, bark and wag along the trick-or-treat route.

3. The Incredibles

Turn red T-shirts, sweat suits or dance leotards into the fantastic Pixar superheroes from The Incredibles. Don’t forget the black masks to protect your identity from villains. If the kids won’t keep plastic ones in place, paint them on with face paint or black eyeliner.

4. Football Super Fans

Show off your family unity and love of the Denver Broncos by going as the ultimate tailgaters. Convert a rolling cooler into a makeshift baby stroller, don your best orange and blue, let the kids carry footballs then share some team spirit to the whole neighborhood!

5. Ratatouille

Have a new baby in the household? If you’re staying in and handing out candy, dress up as chefs from the movie and slip the little one into a mouse costume. You can play up the theme by placing noodle-like licorice ropes and round meatball-esque wrapped candy in a large stock pot and hanging a “Welcome to our Kitchen” sign on the front door!

6. Star Wars

Dig out those light sabers and let kids roam the neighborhood as their favorite Star Wars movie characters. From Princess Leia and Han Solo to R2-D2, stormtroopers and Chewbacca, you have options for a big or small family group Halloween costume. Whether you’re rooting for the light or the dark side, may the force be with you!

Are you wondering what’s coming up this fall and winter at Copperleaf Communities? Check out the Copperleaf HOA event page to discover new occasions and activities that we have brewing all year round. Happy Halloween!