How to Choose the Right Active Adult Community

If you’re a senior looking to downsize, move closer to family, or live in an area with people at the same life stage as you, you may consider moving to an active adult community. Many adults are flocking to these communities designed for independent seniors to enhance their active lifestyle and enjoy a robust social scene. 

But how do you know which active adult community is right for you? Here is everything you need to know about finding the perfect community for your unique needs. 

What is an Active Adult Community?

An active adult community is an increasingly popular option for active seniors looking to live in a like-minded, community-focused neighborhood. Active adult communities are generally age-restricted, meaning that one member of each residence must be over the age of 55, 62, or another age set by the community. They are designed for independent seniors, as many do not offer caregiving or on-site health services. 

These communities are made up of owned or rented homes, townhouses, or condos. They are built near shopping, restaurants, and other local attractions, and many are positioned close to a major metropolitan area. 

Why Live in an Active Adult Community?

Seniors who chose to live in an active adult community may move there for a variety of reasons. Some benefits of living in an active adult community include:

  • Living among peers: Your neighbors are at similar life stages as you. These communities are generally quiet and offer services and amenities geared towards your specific age group. 
  • Less maintenance: Active adult communities can help reduce the amount of home maintenance and upkeep you have to do. Generally, you will not have to worry about mowing, painting your house, or shoveling snow, as the community organization will handle that for you. 
  • Amenities: Unlike traditional urban neighborhoods, an active adult community will come with a list of amenities for you to enjoy. Many offer clubs, pools, fitness centers, craft studios, workshops, pre-prepared meal service, movie theaters, bars, and more. 

What to Look for in an Active Adult Community

When shopping for an active adult community, it’s important to find one that aligns with your specific needs and interests. Plan to visit several communities in your desired area, and ask about the following details during your tour:

Age restrictions

Be aware of any age restrictions, and make sure that it is aligned with what you’re looking for in a living situation. Do you want to live in a place that’s child-free, or would you prefer a more diverse age range?


Explore the list of amenities at each community. If you love water aerobics, you may look for a place that has an indoor pool or hosts aerobics classes during the week. If you love crafting, explore the woodshop and craft club options at the communities you visit. Each community will have different offerings, so it’s important to find the one that matches your retirement goals. 


Where the community is located should also play a role in your decision. Are you looking to live in year-round warm weather, or is being close to family and friends more important to you? Maybe you choose to live close to a large urban area to enjoy the theater scene and take advantage of an international airport. 


Finally, don’t forget to take your budget into consideration when shopping for an active adult community. Does the cost of living fit within your retirement budget? What services and amenities does your monthly payment include? While some communities may have a higher sticker price, they often include services that you may not enjoy in a traditional neighborhood. 

Affinity at Copperleaf Community

If you’re looking for an active adult community in the Denver area, Affinity at Copperleaf may be the perfect fit for you! Designed for adults 62 years and older,  Affinity at Copperleaf is a one-of-a-kind option for active adults looking to pursue their passions. 

Based in Aurora, our community offers an indoor saltwater pool & spa, pub, movie theater, dog wash spa, billiards room, crafts studio, and more. Come visit us to learn more about our 62+ community – schedule a tour today!