Home Security Tips

Stay safe! With a few simple home updates, you can keep your home and family secure this fall. Spook any potential burglars and prowlers by adding a few of these home safety measures to your property this weekend!

Tuck away valuables. Buy a fireproof home safe and place jewelry, car titles, passports and excess cash away for safekeeping. Hide the safe in a closet or under the steps in a dark, unseen corner.

Disguise your alarm panel. Invaders can’t try to disable your system if they can’t find the main hub. Try installing it inside a kitchen pantry, behind framed artwork or inside a coat closet.

Block the sliding glass door. Place a wooden dowel rod or yard stick in the sliding base tray to keep your door from being pried open. And, use a curtain or shade over the glass door to keep strangers from viewing your personal space.

Install a home security sign. Even if you don’t have a security system installed, a yard placard at the front of your property might be just enough to encourage creepers to drive on by. Many homeowners tuck signs next to the mailbox and front door.

Use window locks. You’ve secured the doors, now give extra attention to the windows by installing manual locks or motion sensor detectors. When a window moves, you can receive a notice on your cellphone!

Secure the garage. If you have an attached garage that leads into your home, ensure that the entry door leading from the garage to the outdoors and interior door that opens inside your home are both locked at all times. Local police also advise trimming off the plastic hanging emergency handle that manually opens your garage door from the inside. This deters thieves from using coat hangers to grab the handle from the outside, gaining them access to your garage. Once you’ve removed the hanging handle, just leave the rope hanging straight down.

Install motion lights outside. You may already have them installed around your garage, so you can see better when coming home in the evening. Now, expand and include them at every entryway and across the front of your home to spook anyone who tries to linger.

Maintain the yard. Finally, keep all landscaping trimmed and manageable. Remove or illuminate large bushes near entryways, so they don’t become hiding spots for home invaders.

Alert a trusted neighbor. If you’re headed out of town, let a trusted neighbor know so they can keep an eye on your property and alert you to any unwanted visitors or concerns. You can also have them collect any mail or packages that may be delivered while you’re gone.

Following these tips will help to ensure that your home stays safe and secure whether you’re away for just a few hours or a few weeks for vacation.