Getting Back into Routine for Back to School

It’s back-to-school season! Whether this is your first time sending your little one off to classes, or you’re a seasoned pro, it’s helpful to adopt a back-to-school routine. Start weaving these practices into your summer days to gradually introduce the kiddos to change. The perk for you? Easier school mornings, more productive evenings and less confusion in the household!

Creating a Sleep Schedule

Over the summer, it’s normal to be a little lax about bedtimes at night and wake times in the morning. Start by implementing a set time to be in bed as well as to be at the table for breakfast, and then make it a game to encourage full participation. The first one in bed on time gets to read a story of their choice! And, the first to the table in the morning gets to pick their favorite breakfast food. Win-win!

Prepping Packed School Lunches

Kids aren’t the only ones who are going to need to start planning for the school year. Now’s a good time to start adjusting your grocery shopping routine. Explore new snacks and foods to add variety to your kiddo’s lunchbox. Pureed fruit pouches, chewy dried fruits, tortilla roll-up sandwiches and puffed veggie chips are sure to be a hit! Experiment with some of these foods for lunches now so you can learn which ones are winners, and which shouldn’t land in your shopping cart again.

Making Dinners Easier

As a parent, you know school nights can whiz by in an instant. With after-school activities, sports, lessons, homework and play dates on the calendar, it can be tough to sit down as a family for dinner if you don’t have a routine for the school year. This season, plan ahead. Create a collection of slow cooker meals, one-pan dinners and simple casseroles to make Monday through Friday cooking tasks both healthy and quick to prepare.

Posting a Chore Chart

If you didn’t keep up on delegating chores over the summer, it’s time to get out the markers and poster board to make a chart. Since the kids are getting older, evaluate what tasks they can help with around the house. Think of simple chores that can be done quickly before or after school like taking out the trash, giving the pets fresh water and bringing dirty clothes to the laundry room.

Setting up An After-school Schedule

Keep everyone in the family in the loop as busier days approach. Update a calendar in the kitchen, or create an electronic calendar that everyone in the family can access from their smartphones. These will eliminate missed appointments, not having enough time set aside to complete homework assignments or forgetting to pick a kid up from an activity. Add fun notes too, like family pizza night at the favorite local restaurant or a Saturday day trip to the zoo!

You’ve got this! Start by implementing one schedule change at a time and work into your new back-to-school routine. By the time the first bell rings, your kiddos will think the biggest change is meeting their teacher and breaking in those shiny, new sneakers!

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