10 Fall Decorating Tips and Tricks

Bring on the brisk evening walks and pumpkin spice everything! This weekend you can easily tackle a few decor changes or minor remodeling projects around the house to get ready for the change in seasons.

10 Fall Decorating Tips for Your Home

Choose a few of these ideas to enliven the most popular areas of your home with the vibrant colors, scents, and themes of autumn. ┬áLet’s decorate!

  1. Revive the entryway. Place a new welcome floor mat and door wreath featuring fall trees or upcoming holiday motifs at the entrance where friends and family arrive.
  2. Update public seating. Replace throw blankets and pillows on loveseats, couches, and chairs with novelty-printed options that reflect the season. We love fall leaves and cornucopia prints.
  3. Display seasonal accessories. Change out the decor on the fireplace mantle, end tables, and bookshelves with ceramic pumpkins, bowls of scented pinecones, and framed family photos from past fall gatherings.
  4. Refresh the kitchen. Swap the everyday towels, potholders, curtains, and rugs for fresh fabrics flaunting food-inspired seasonal patterns, like bushels of apples and pumpkins. Don’t forget the placemats, too!
  5. Add favorite fragrances. Dig out the fall candles, essential oil diffusers, and air fresheners to fill your home with the tell-tale cool weather aromas of cinnamon, apple pie, cloves, and pumpkin bread.
  6. Create an accent wall. If you’ve wanted to give the living room a mini-makeover, painting an accent wall a joyful fall tone like burgundy, pumpkin, or mustard will do the trick.
  7. Embellish the bathroom. Put out thicker towels, perfect for chilly fall mornings. Or, hang a few hooks for new robes to snuggle into after a warm bath. It’s also a good time to splurge on new slippers for everyone in the family.
  8. Make seasonal treats. Reminisce about past gatherings with old family recipes for homemade caramels, fruit pies, or quick breads. Make and display the goodies on the kitchen counter to share with visitors.
  9. Roll out new rugs. Go through your home and update area rugs, hall runners, or stair treads with darker fabrics that reflect the season. Choose a thicker pile to keep bare feet extra warm.
  10. Decorate outdoors. Don’t forget to jazz up the back deck, patio, or porch with clever carved pumpkins, arrangements of gourds, or craft projects from the kids.

We love to see everyone decorating for fall. The bright orange porch pumpkins and multi-color front door wreaths make Copperleaf Community a truly beautiful place to call home.