Elements to Look for in a Great HOA

Planning a move? As you browse new neighborhoods, picking one with a great HOA is just as important as finding a home with enough bedrooms. Looking at the quality of your future HOA means that you’re putting your personal enjoyment as well as pride in your home and community first.


So, what is an HOA? Simply put, a homeowners association is a private neighborhood group formed by a real estate developer that enforces rules within a planned community to upkeep the common use areas and residential spaces for the greater good of all residents.

What Makes A Great HOA?

As you shop for a new place to call home, ask if the community has an HOA and what they specifically do for their residents. Some of the top perks include a great management team to help you along your journey of homeownership, covenant enforcement to ensure a common standard of home maintenance and living among neighbors, fun activities to encourage socialization and a maintenance plan for public use parks, walking trails and lawns.


Overall, a great HOA wants to ensure your neighborhood is maintained and enjoyable for everyone who lives there and visits.

Great HOA Features at Copperleaf Community

We’re proud of the HOA here at Copperleaf Community managed by Vista Management Associates. While they make sure all the financial and real estate needs are tended to, they also play a big part in community’s social opportunities and enhancements and are working behind the scenes on these great HOA features.

Active April

Each spring we focus on breaking winter boredom. The month features fitness activities for residents of all ages and abilities around our communities. April is the perfect month to get outside and walk the trails, try a yoga class and enjoy the spring flowers!

Summer Series

Families at Copperleaf Community come together during the warm weather months to visit and let their kids build friendships. A few of the activities we’ve enjoyed over the years include Popsicle Palooza, ice cream socials, bounce house parties, scavenger hunts, pool parties and a music festival.

Food Truck Rallies

Everyone loves a quick, delicious meal. During the summer, the Western Park hosts food trucks on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, weather pending. The food assortment changes often, so plan to visit a few times this summer. You might discover a new favorite dish!

Community Garage Sales

After some spring tidying and cleaning during our neighborhood clean-up events, it’s time to pass those extra house goods on to others for low prices. We host community-wide garage sales each June.

Social Groups and Programming

To bring our neighbors together we have many events focused on wellness, education, exercise, teens, senior citizens, men, and women. You’re sure to find a social group or activity that opens the door to making new friendships.


And of course, a holiday or community awareness day doesn’t go by without a special event. We enjoy offering family-friendly Halloween activities, getting colorful during Mardi Gras and celebrating National Night Out with our local law enforcement officials and emergency responders.


To learn more about our great HOA, visit the Information From the Association page. We share details about our community features, special events, homeowner maintenance, the neighborhood watch program, and recycling!