8 Ways to Increase Your Home's Value


It's finally time to move! But before you call the real estate agent or sign any contracts, you may want to invest a little time fixing up your home. Why? Those weekend projects that you’ve been putting on the backburner for far too long can help increase property value and get your top dollar for your home. When negotiating house prices with your real estate agent, you can cheerfully point out these desirable updates, and bump up the list price of your home accordingly.

1. Freshen Indoor Flooring

Worn laminate and dirty carpet aren't very welcoming during an open house. Consider replacing the flooring in high-traffic areas, including the main entrance to the home, kitchen and living room to make your home look crisp and clean. Do you have hardwood floors hiding under stained carpet? Pull that carpet out, give the wood a thorough polish and accessorize with area rugs for a fresh, classic appeal.

2. Swap out Fixtures

Peek at the kitchen. Is the sink discolored or dented? Does the faucet drip? Is the built-in microwave ancient? It only takes an hour or two to change out these common kitchen fixtures, giving the room a fresh, well-maintained appearance. If you're planning to take your old appliances with you, purchase replacements before you move so that the kitchen will appear more modern for prospective buyers.

3. Simplify the Drive-By Appeal

Go outside and stand across the street. How does your house look? If your front porch is piled with old flower pots and you can see that unused lumber tangled with weeds resting against the garage, it's time to declutter and simplify the appearance of your home. This simple step will encourage more people to stop at your next open house so you can sell faster!

4. Fix the Shed

We all have that neglected storage shed out back. Sure, it keeps the garden tools and lawn mower safe, but does the structure look attractive? If the roof is damaged, add new shingles. If the paint is peeling, slap on a fresh coat. Attention to these details shows buyers you want your whole properly to look fabulous.

5. Wash the Patio

Whether you have a wood deck, paved patio or a simple cement pad, it could probably use some sprucing up. Remove weeds and clutter, then use a power washer to remove any long-lasting mildew or dirt. Stage the area with your best patio furniture to create a positive visual for prospective buyers, even if it's not the best season to lounge outdoors.

6. Resurface the Garage Floor

Attached garages often double as a hobby work space and storage area. So, make the space fresh and noteworthy. You can instantly makeover the room by removing old paint cans or clutter and adding a colorful, slip-resistant epoxy to the floor. Goodbye oil stains and cracks!

7. Add Colorful Landscaping

You know instant appeal is everything, so this is the time to clear out the dead plant by the front door, trim back the overgrown vines and invest in flowering shrubs. A home that's photographed and shown with beautiful landscaping draws in bigger open house crowds and is memorable to potential buyers.

8. Finish the Basement

Have you been letting house projects pile up? Now is the time to finally get that bathroom in the basement finished or turn the unused exercise room with cinder-block walls into a welcoming family room with plush carpet. Showcasing each room with as much usable space as possible instantly adds value and helps house hunters imagine their life if they bought your home.


When you’ve decided you’re ready to sell your home, the time and money you invest before you put your home on the market will increase your selling value tenfold. These updates will also help your realtor justify list price and make your home desirable to a more diverse group of buyers - which may ultimately help your home sell more quickly.


Once your house is listed, the hunt for your new home begins. If you crave a neighborhood with access to a community pool, walking trails, neighborhood events, and so much more - there's always room at Copperleaf Community for you! Visit us today!