6 Fun Ways to Spend Mother’s Day

Let’s celebrate mom! This Mother’s Day explore what you can do from the comfort of home to show this lovely lady how much she means to you and the kids. Kick the day off with breakfast in bed, then put a few of these ideas on the schedule to pamper and bond with mom.


Decorate Mom’s bedroom window. Have the kids cut out flowers, a ray of sunshine, butterflies, and hearts from colorful paper to tape onto the window mom see’s first thing in the morning. It will brighten her spirits for the holiday and for many days to come.


Make mom a homemade card. Dig out the scrap-booking paper, markers, stickers, and crayons. Help each child fold a piece of paper in half to create a greeting card. Then, ask them to draw themselves with mom doing something they love. Maybe it’s hugging, baking cookies, or riding a bike! Let the kids express themselves through color choices, doodles, and words in these homemade cards.  Even older kids can participate using photos or making a collage.  Moms always love homemade cards from their kids regardless of their age.    


Pick colorful flowers for mom. Do you have a flower garden in your yard? Choose a little bud vase and snip just a few stems of her favorite spring flowers to bring the outdoors inside on this special day. Then, wrap a pretty ribbon or patterned scrap-booking tape around the vase for added pizzazz. We love the idea of pairing the flowers with a celebratory lunch, or to brighten mom’s home office space for the week. 


Cook mom a meal. Giving mom the day off from many of her usual duties is a win in her book! Gather the kids together to prepare one of mom’s favorite dishes, whether it’s comforting grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup or a more complex casserole. Mom will love whatever you serve up on this special day, especially if the family cleans up the kitchen and washes dishes afterward!


Draw mom a mural. Grab the sidewalk chalk and head outside if the weather is nice. Ask the kids to create huge pictures for mom to enjoy on the driveway, concrete patio, or sidewalk by your home. As the kids stay busy, tell mom she can enjoy the next hour in quiet time enjoying whatever she pleases, such as a lingering bath, afternoon nap or good book. 


Let mom pick the plans. Finally, ask mom what she’d like to do on her special day. Maybe she’d love a movie marathon with lots of yummy snacks. Or, perhaps she’s been hoping for a game of catch in the yard with the whole family — including teenagers who usually bow out of family activities. Whatever is on her wish list, make it happen on Mother’s Day.

Sometimes the best Mother’s Day activities are the simplest. Go for a walk around your neighborhood, wave to neighbors, and snap a few casual family photos along the way. Here’s to a beautiful spring ahead for Copperleaf Community residents!