6 Benefits of Living in an HOA Community

While Homeowner Associations (HOAs) have attracted some negative attention throughout the years, the truth of the matter is that for the most part living in an HOA community can be a huge asset to you and your family. Not only are HOAs are on your side, they are there to serve your entire community by helping to enhance the overall look and feel of your community and safety.

Landscaping and Lighting

In an HOA community, usually all the trees, plants, walkways, gravel and other attractive features throughout the common areas are gracefully maintained thanks to the HOA. The association ensures streets and sidewalks are well-lit and kept in tip-top shape with trash, weeds and debris promptly removed. HOA dollars can also go toward aesthetic improvements, such as community art or garden installations or lighting concepts that complete the feel of the community.

Neighborhood Homes & Yards

True, each HOA comes with certain regulations concerning each homeowner’s home exterior and surrounding lot. While some people might view any type of regulation whatsoever as strict, regulations can actually be a godsend when it comes to maintaining a clean, harmonious look throughout the community. HOA regulations ensure your neighbor doesn’t decide to erect a barbed wire fence, store rusty old cars or plop a 22-foot-tall orange dinosaur statue in the front yard.

Community Involvement

Even the finest neighbors can end up total strangers if you don’t make a point of going out and meeting them. HOAs often schedule community-wide events and provide ready-made community gathering places, such as community rooms, clubhouses, dog parks and people parks. And that community pool you love? You can thank the efforts of the HOA.

Home Values

HOAs help keep home values at the top of their game, thanks to the pristine upkeep of the entire community and lack of 22-foot-tall dinosaur statues.

Sporting Areas

Another convenience of HOA living is ease of access to sporting areas such as basketball courts, baseball diamonds, swimming pools, playing fields and even dog parks. Not only are these areas just a short walk or bike ride away, they will be well maintained to ensure the safety of residents who take advantage of the space.

Fees that Cover Everything

One of the factors contributing to the HOAs’ bad rap is the fees. While some HOAs can have seemingly astronomical fees, many are usually more than reasonable, especially when you consider that many HOAs cover basic utilities such as trash and recycling costs. Most HOAs openly share their annual budget, outlining how each and every cent is spent. Ask for the budget to review and, if you disagree with anything you see, attend a regular HOA meeting and let them know.

Last But Not Least

A quality HOA will care what the community thinks and gives residents a chance to express their views. The HOA is, after all, designed to work with you to make your community a better place.