5 Spooky Halloween Treats

Even though Halloween this year may look different from years passed, it doesn’t mean you and your family can’t celebrate spooky season! Outside of decorating your home and planning costumes, you can get in the Halloween spirit by making some spooky Halloween treats with your kids. We’ve listed some of our favorites below – pair them with your favorite Halloween songs!

Spooky Halloween Treats for the Whole Family

Cookie Monsters

All it takes is a few marshmallows and some red icing to turn your favorite cookies in a spooky treat! To make Cookie Monsters, bake a batch of your favorite cookies (chocolate chip or sugar are great choices), let them cool, then cut in half. Add a few drops of red coloring to a tin of vanilla icing and smear on the inside of each cookie half. Then, line up mini marshmallows along the edge of the cookie so they look like teeth, place the other half on top, and sink your teeth into this tasty treat! 

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Strawberry Ghosts

Add some berry boos to your Halloween treat spread with these easy Strawberry Ghosts. All you need is some fresh strawberries, melted white chocolate, and some mini chocolate chips for decorations. 

Simply dip each strawberry into the white chocolate until they’re fully covered, then use the mini chocolate chips to add eyes and a mouth to your ghosts. Let cool, serve, and enjoy this scary sweet dessert! 

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Black Cat Doughnuts

Run-of-the-mill donuts can easily transform into a Halloween-worthy snack with a little creativity. Pick up some chocolate glazed donuts and donut holes at your local grocery store, then grab candy eyeballs, candy corn, M&Ms, Runts, wafers, and icing for decorating. 

Donuts can be turned into black cats with eyeballs and candy corn ears. Use wafers and Runts to create bat wings and teeth, or let your kids create monsters of their own making with the ingredients. The sky’s the limit with these frightening snacks!

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Vampire Punch

After munching on spooky treats, wash them down with a blood-like Vampire Punch. Combine cranberry juice, ginger ale, and frozen lemonade in a large punch bowl. Parents, you can also enjoy this punch with vodka.

Add an extra spooky element by pouring some water into a disposable glove, tying off the end, and freezing. Once fully frozen, carefully cut away the glove and place the severed “hand” in your punchbowl to surprise unsuspecting family members. 

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Avocado Toast Frankenstein

If you’re feeling sugared out after all the spooky treats, you can still get your scare on with healthy Avocado Toast Frankensteins! Start with your avocado toast basics – a slice of your favorite bread smeared with mashed avocado. Then, use radishes, pickles, black oils, seaweed, and red pepper to decorate the toast with Frankenstein and Dracula faces. 

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As you’re prepping for your Halloween celebrations, don’t forget to set aside time to talk to your children about staying safe and socially distanced while trick or treating this season. Happy Halloween from all of us at Copperleaf Community!