21 Items to Add to Your Spring Cleaning List

Between the brighter days and fresh air streaming through the windows, we’ve got a major case of spring cleaning fever. Our goal? Declutter and freshen everything in sight. Doesn’t a sparkling bathroom and organized garage sound amazing? Set aside a few hours each week this month to tackle your go-to spring cleaning list — and consider adding these extra tasks to the plans.

The Kitchen

You’ve already wiped down all the exposed surfaces and mopped, now let’s deep clean those hidden corners that you probably haven’t thought about in a while.

  • Move the refrigerator and stove forward. Sweep up any dust bunnies, then wet mop the floor.
  • Peek under the kitchen sink cabinet. Clean, organize and sanitize this space.
  • Empty the refrigerator. Toss all expired food, wipe down the shelves and drawers, then organize the contents as you put it back in.
  • Clean the pantry. Much like the refrigerator, unused products can pile up. Donate what’s still fresh (but not on your menus) to the local food pantry and toss anything outdated.
  • Launder the cloth items. This includes curtains, placemats, throw rugs, aprons and hand towels.

The Laundry Room

It’s funny how the room that’s focused on cleaning can get dirty too! Even if you keep a tidy laundry room, it should earn a spot on your spring cleaning adventures.

  • Clean the dryer vent. Use the blower feature on a wet/dry vac to push the build-up of lint through the flexible tubing and out your vent. (Or, you can hire a pro for this big task!)
  • Empty the washer filter. Most high-efficiency washing machines have a hidden filter near the base that should be drained each week. There’s also a small filter that catches debris. Wipe it out.
  • Mop the floor. You’ll be surprised at the number of lint fluffs and stray dryer sheets that hide in the corners and behind appliances.

The Bathroom

When it’s time to do a deeper cleaning in the bathroom, get ready to roll up your sleeves. We’re going beyond the usual surface disinfectants.

  • Scrub the tub and shower. Use a hard water build-up remover to get rid of set-in stains.
  • Remove toilet rings. Use a pumice stone to scrub away any toilet bowl water lines.
  • Clean behind the toilet tank. Use a wet mop to sanitize the narrow, often forgotten floor area.
  • Clean the drains. Is the sink, tub or shower draining slowly? Use a drain cleaner to speed up the process.

The Bedrooms

Organized Wardrobe for Spring Cleaning

After you’ve vacuumed and dusted, go a step further and peek under the bed and in the closets. These spring cleaning tasks will also help you transition into the new warmer weather ahead.

  • Take inventory in hidden storage spaces. What’s under the bed? Or, in the chest at the end of the bed? Does it need to be there? For shoes and clothing, swap out your winter wear for what you’ll want this spring and summer.
  • Purge the closets and dressers. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and lay everything out on the bed. Then, one-by-one examine each garment and decide if it brings you joy before putting it back. If not, donate it. If it’s in poor shape, mend it or put it in the garbage.

The Living Room

Community spaces get cluttered quickly. Stand back and examine the room visually. Are there things in the space that don’t belong and should have their own areas such as children’s toys, working desk space or exercise equipment? Spring is the time to reimagine and organize your home’s main hub.

  • Freshen the furniture. Vacuum upholstered pieces. Wash throw blankets and pillows. Wipe down hard surfaces.
  • Clean under and behind. Don’t be afraid to move things around so you can finally vacuum, or mop the floors that are usually hidden from view.
  • Look up. Do your fans or light fixtures have a layer of dust on them? Use a cleaning cloth on a wand or vacuum cleaner attachment to tackle those areas.
  • Open drawers. Does the coffee table conceal clutter? Do the built-in bookcases and drawers hold items you want to use in the living room or random things?

The Garage

Although it’s not the main living space, the garage tends to become a catch-all for out-of-season items. This is the year to empty it. Move the vehicles and place everything on the driveway so you can first clean the space. Use a leaf blower to whisk away debris. Then hose down the floor to freshen the surface.

  • Build or organize shelving units. These can be used to store totes labeled with holiday decor, car maintenance supplies and other things you don’t use often.
  • Add hooks. These can go on the walls and ceiling to give awkward-shaped items a dedicated home. Hang the rakes, bicycles and fishing poles!
  • Assemble a pantry. A plastic stand-alone pantry unit is the perfect garage accessory to hold things you use often. This spring, stock it with gardening tools, pool supplies or yard toys for the kids.

As you tackle a few spring cleaning tasks, you might realize that you have outgrown your current living space. It happens! Whether you’ve added a few children to the mix or discovered a new hobby that requires an extra room or two, we’d be happy to help you find your new spacious dream home. Contact Copperleaf Community today to learn more about living in Centennial, Colorado, just outside of Denver.